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„Psychological, Genetic and Neurological Aspects of ASD Diagnosis”.


October 19-20, 2018 in Gdansk



Venue: Institute of Psychology, University of Gdańsk, Bażyńskiego Street 4, Gdansk


The Symposium will be conducted in English and Polish. Lectures and presentations will be interpreted simultaneously.



October 19, 2018 / Friday


8.15AM - 9.00AM Registration of participants
9.00AM - 9.20AM Opening of the Symposium
  • dr Anna Budzińska, (Director of the Institute for Child Development, Gdańsk),
  • prof. Mariola Bidzan,(Director of the Institute of Psychology, University of Gdańsk)
  • Mr Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of the City of Gdańsk
9.20AM – 9.40AM „Autism. Everyone has his/her own Mount Everest” (documentary film show)
9.40AM – 11.00AM

prof. Wlodzislaw Duch (Neurocognitive Laboratory, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń / Poland)


Introductory lecture: „Critical review of current ASD theories”

11.00AM – 12.00AM

Andy Shih, Ph. D. (Autism Speaks, US)


„The global autism public health agenda: What’s on the horizon?”

12.00 AM – 12.20PM coffee break / poster session
12.20 PM – 1.20 PM

Jacob Vorstman, Ph. D. (The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Canada)


„Genetic findings in autism”

1.20 PM – 2.20 PM

Katarzyna Chawarska, Ph. D. (Yale University, US)


„Integrated approaches to studying early expression and underlying mechanisms of ASD”

2.20PM – 3.00PM lunch break / poster session
3.00 PM – 3.30 PM

Dawn Townsend, Ph. D., Kevin Brothers, Ph. D., Patricia Krantz, Ph. D., Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph. D. (Alliance for Scientific Autism Intervention, USA)


"Ensuring Effective Dissemination and Advancement of Critical System Variables in Autism Intervention Programs"

3.30 PM – 4.15 PM

Anna Budzińska Ph. D., Anita Michalska, Karolina Wróbel, (Institute for Child Development in Gdańsk, Poland)


„The newest diagnostic tools applied in the Counselling Center of the Institute for Child Development”

4.15 PM – 5.00 PM

Joanna Brzoskowska, Magdalena Mętkowska-Walewska, (Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre in Gdańsk, Poland)


„The role of Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre in the diagnostic process of children and youth with ASD”


October 20, 2018 / Saturday


9.00AM – 9.30AM

Zsuzsanna Szilvasy, President of Autism-Europe


„The things we do and we do not. How has our perspective about autism changed in Europe since the foundation of Autism - Europe?”

9.30AM – 10.30AM

Luccina Uddin, Ph. D. (University of Miami, US)


„Brain connectivity and cognition in autism”

10.30AM – 11.30AM

prof. Ewa Pilarska (Medical University of Gdańsk, Poland)


„Neurological disorders in autism”

11.30AM – 11.45AM coffee break
11.45AM – 12.30PM

Svein Eikeseth, Ph. D. (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)


„Psychological aspects underlying the autism spectrum diagnosis”

12.30PM – 1.15 PM

Kevin Brothers, Ph. D. (Somerset Hills Learning Institute, US)

„The teenage years: have no fear, just prepare – and other data-based advice”

1.15 PM closing ceremony

The Institutes recommended by IWRD will present the treatment (19th of October at 12.00 a.m. – 12.20 p.m. and 2.20 – 3.00 p.m.) in the foyer on the level minus 1. The posters are in both languages - Polish and English.

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